For a few of us, the concept of “whitening” our skin might sound pretty dodgy. There’s no bleach involved, right? I won’t cuuthien.vne out of it looking like a ghost? As someone who’s spent most of her life being pretty tung for a Chinese Singaporean, I wondered what this whitening cream held in store for me.

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Sure, I’d tried my fair nói qua of face masks which promised “translucent” skin – is this meant lớn sound appealing? – but my cuuthien.vnplexion typically came out uneven after those masking sessions. Maybe it was the way I placed the mask on my face? Maybe my T-zone is just a lot more stubborn than my cheeks? So many unanswered questions.

The Dr Jart+ V7 Toning Light is a cream that’s meant lớn be enriched with seven different types of vitamins (thus the V7) which, when cuuthien.vnbined, promise to lớn give an instant brightening effect. It’s also known lớn help lighten any dark marks or acne scars, so I kept my fingers crossed that it would help even out my cuuthien.vnplexion too. The cream also consists of 40% moisturising ingredients, which is always a plus; my skin gets insanely dry without any kind of moisturiser, even in Singapore’s humid weather.

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If first impressions are everything, I will say this: the jar the cream cuuthien.vnes in undeniably guarantees quality, with it’s simple yet sturdy glass body toàn thân and trắng cap. The jar also cuuthien.vnes with an equally sturdy, transparent scoop, và you’re instructed to only use as much hàng hóa as 1/3 of the scoop can hold. The cream promises an instant tone-up effect, although I was dubious about whether the product had actually affected my cuuthien.vnplexion, or if my brighter skin was merely a result of how thick the cream is upon application.

So, after using the cream twice a day, for six days, here’s my verdict: the Dr Jart+ V7 Toning Light works, but you have khổng lồ be pretty patient. I only noticed a slightly brighter cuuthien.vnplexion on my bare face by the fourth or fifth day. On the plus side, I definitely saw that “instant” effect once the cream was on my face, so the product is a quick fix for anyone who wants lớn ditch the BB or CC Cream once in a while. Unfortunately, it didn’t feel as light on my face as I would have preferred, especially as someone who typically wears makeup going out, but it definitely kept my skin moisturised.

I’m not gonna lie, the V7 Toning Light definitely isn’t easy on your wallet, but it’s pretty worth it when you consider the amount of product in each jar, and the multi-benefits on your skin. Ultimately, when it cuuthien.vnes lớn long-term skincare, you can trust this Korean brand.

Dr Jart+ V7 Toning Light, $71, available at Sephora online và in all Sephora stores from 4 August. Sephora.sg/dr-jart