Nike men's react phantom run flyknit 2 running shoes

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Given its slip-on, laceless design, Nike React Phantom Run Flyknit 2 is more often used as an everyday sneaker than a running shoe. It"s best used for short and easy runs, especially in summer when its highly breathable upper gets the spotlight.


Laceless designGrips well on dry surfacesBreathableEasy to put on/offStylish and good-lookingGreat everyday sneaker

Can give blisters

I generally do not get blisters in my shoes when I run. I have run with many different running shoes from brands like Asics, Adidas, Brooks, and Saucony. I have not had blisters in years. The shoe is, however, the first running shoes I have tried without shoelaces. Anyway, I would not recommend these shoes for long-distance runs.

Lacks foothold

I ran about 1000 vertical feet up in few miles to see how the shoes are running uphill. I never felt the shoe was going to come off. You won’t just walk out of the shoes.

I ran a course with 90 degree turns to see how they hold up. At the turn, my feet seemed to slide, and my outside ankle turned outward. You could really roll an ankle because of the slippage. My feet slid in the shoe to the outside, and it felt like the bottom of my feet were touching the side of the shoe and not the bottom.

Looks good and stylish

The Nike React Phantom Run Flyknit 2 looks great and pretty stylish. The first thing you notice is the laceless design. You will never have to worry about your shoes coming untied during a run.

Good traction on dry, hard surfaces

The shoe grips well and feels really good running straight on roads, especially on hard, dry surfaces. There is a nice ride, and you can feel like you could run a long distance at a fast pace until something else prevents you.

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The Phantom Run Flyknit 2 is not durable

The shoes do not seem very durable as opposed to other road running shoes out there. I already see signs of wear on the bottom after just two weeks and about 30 miles.

I am not sure how long the tightness will last to keep the shoes on. It is just like rubber bands keeping the shoes on while you run because there are no laces. I feel like I am already stretching them out by having my feet slide within the shoes.

The Nike Phantom Run Flyknit 2 is breathable

The upper of the shoe is very comfortable and breathable. Depending on the socks you wear, your feet should never get too hot in the shoe.

Easy to put on and take off

It is an advantage not having to deal with laces. There is a loop where the tongue would be to help pull the shoes on, which does work great. Taking off the shoes is a breeze not dealing with a double-knotted tie.

The bottom of the inside of the shoe is smooth. This helps with putting on the shoe, but it allows for your feet to slide when running.


Overall, I am not sure I would recommend these shoes for long-distance, quick-paced runs and anything with sharp turns. About all I plan to run wearing them is to run a short distance to something like a brewery to go out. The shoes are stylish and could pass for casual shoes for going out.