5 characters stronger than monkey d

Monkey D. Long is a promising villain in the One Piece universe, with several potential powers he could be seen using in the series.

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Monkey D. Long is one of the most important characters in the One Piece world as he leads one of the greatest organizations in the entire story. Dragon is the leader of the infamous Revolutionary Army & is known as the "World's Worst Criminal," which puts into perspective how dangerous he truly is.

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Although very little of rồng has been seen in the story so far, the showings of his organization automatically make him look stronger và better. Additionally, there are quite a few powers that fans can see him possibly use in the future of One Piece.

8 Wind Logia Fruit


One of the most theorized powers that Monkey D. Dragon is thought to lớn possess is the power nguồn of the Wind Wind Fruit or an ability that is related lớn wind. While Oda hasn't revealed what powers dragon wields, fans vị know that he produced strong gusts of wind at Loguetown khổng lồ help Luffy escape Smoker.

What's more, in Luffy's flashback, dragon turned out lớn be the one who saved countless people from the fire in Grey Terminal by using his Wind powers to open up a path for them. It certainly wouldn't be a stretch khổng lồ say that he has a Logia-type Devil Fruit related lớn wind.


Armament Haki is a power that long most certainly possesses. Although not everyone in the story has Armament Haki, it is impossible for someone of Dragon's stature lớn not be a great user of this ability.

Sadly, long has never been seen making use of it since he has never been involved in any major fight in the story. Nonetheless, a lot of Dragon's subordinates use both Armament Haki so it's a given for him lớn be a user of this nguồn as well.


Observation Haki is an ability that grants a sixth sense ability khổng lồ the user and allows them khổng lồ sense things such as presence, emotions, intent, and even gives them precognition.

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Just lượt thích Armament Haki, dragon has not made use of this ability in the story so far simply because he hasn't been involved in any major fights, however, that's not to say that he doesn't have Observation Haki. Out of all the Haki types, Observation Haki is the one that is most commonly found so it should also be one that dragon has already mastered to lớn a great degree.


Conqueror's Haki is a nguồn that only one in a million people in the One Piece world are born with. It allows the user to lớn impose their willpower on others, knocking the ones with weaker wills out in the process. Those who resist it are strong enough khổng lồ fight the user of Conqueror's Haki.

Dragon is almost certainly going khổng lồ be a user of Conqueror's Haki as well just lượt thích his son. In Marineford, Luffy's Conqueror's Haki was attributed lớn Monkey D. Dragon, meaning he is already implied to lớn be its user despite not having used it so far. In the future, fans will certainly see him make use of this ability.

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Ryuo is an incredible power nguồn that is very much similar to lớn Armament Haki as it stems from the same power. In fact, Ryuo is just another word for Armament Haki in the Land of Wano, however, the application of Ryuo is very different from regular Armament Haki, which is why the samurai of Wano are considered such great users of this power.

Ryuo allows a person to lớn make their Haki flow effortlessly from one particular point & emit it from a distance. Doing this makes the Haki more potent and, at the same time, increases its efficiency. Using this technique, Luffy was certain he could break through Kaido's scales. Dragon, although not confirmed khổng lồ be a user, could have access lớn this power as it isn't uncommon in the outside world.

Ryusoken is a martial arts style that Sabo specializes in, as seen during the Dressrosa arc of One Piece. When using this style, Sabo's hands become claw-shaped & are imbued with Armament Haki to lớn increase their toughness. Sabo could even break steel with his claws with ease.

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The most important aspect of Ryusoken is the ability lớn find the core & destroy things from the inside, which is what advanced Ryou does. Given that Ryusoken is a direct reference lớn Dragon and relies on making use of Ryou, it won't be a surprise if dragon possesses this power as well.

Advanced Conqueror's Haki users are very rare in the One Piece world, but long is certainly going khổng lồ be one of them, without a doubt. According to Kaido, only the very strongest in the world can make use of it, which long certainly is. Advanced Conqueror's Haki allows a person to lớn coat their toàn thân in Conqueror's Haki lớn increase their offensive output.

Upon using, this nguồn is manifested as đen lightning và is one of the strongest offensive abilities in the story so far. Dragon, having great ambition, is certainly going to have Conqueror's Haki and for him, using Advanced Conqueror's Haki shouldn't be too hard.

An ability fans know very little about, the Voice of All Things is a power that allows people to listen to lớn the "voice" of everything around them. This includes beasts, other living things, và even inanimate objects such as Poneglyphs. When the Roger Pirates reached Skypiea, Roger was able to track down the location of the Golden Bell simply by following the voice of the Poneglyph.

This ability, although rare, was in possession of Roger, Kozuki Oden, and currently, even Luffy và Momonosuke can use it. For Dragon khổng lồ have this nguồn isn't something that should be too surprising.

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