History of the mcdonald's logo design evolution and meaning


One of the world’s largest restaurant chains, McDonald’s serves more than 60 million visitors every day. It has over 35,000 restaurants in over 110 countries.

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Meaning and history


The story of the world’s most famous fast-food restaurant chain began in 1937 when Patrick McDonald launched “The Airdome”, the first restaurant of the family. Three years later his sons renamed it to lớn “McDonald’s Famous Barbecue”.

The current title was adopted by the company only in 1953, and the design prototype of the iconic Golden-Arches hình ảnh sản phẩm was created in the 1960s. Since that time the visual identity of the fast-food legend was pretty constant và by today it became one of the brightest examples of perfect branding in modern history.

1940 – 1948


The very first hình ảnh for the restaurant was composed of a black wordmark, phối in three levels, and executed in three different styles.

The upper part featured the “McDonald’s” inscription in an italicized serif font, which was elegant and traditional. The “Famous” in all capitals was written in sans-serif & placed in the middle and had two parallel horizontal lines coming out of it lớn both right and left. As for the biggest and boldest part of the whole logo, the “Barbecue” inscription, was executed in a strict & solid serif font and located on the lower cấp độ of the logo, being its main part.

1948 – 1953


The Barbecue concept was replaced by Hamburgers, which were getting more và more popularity in the USA. The title of the restaurant was altered in 1948 and the logo was redesigned. It was now composed of a white “MacDonald’s Famous Hamburgers” nameplate on a black background, with a small white image of the Chef, who was friendly smiling. The inscription was executed in one style, using a modern sans-serif typeface. This hình ảnh only lasted for 5 years.

1953 – 1968


The company finally changed its name to lớn simply MacDonald’s & this is where it all begins. The logo was still far from what we all know today, but the red màu sắc appeared in the color palette, giving the right direction for the brand.

The smooth italicized wordmark in red was executed in a custom sans-serif typeface with thick sleek lines. It was a pretty memorable và recognizable logo, which stayed with the company for 15 years.

1961 – 1968


In 1961 Stanley Meston creates the emblem, the whole world knows today. The iconic Golden Arches hình ảnh sản phẩm was inspired by the architecture of the first company’s restaurants, specifically their roofs. This is why there is a diagonal line coming through the arches on the first version of the logo.

The emblem in yellow has a thin red outline & the red wordmark was placed under it. The new inscription was executed in a bold and simple sans-serif typeface, putting the main accent on the emblem.

1968 – Today


The logo sản phẩm was simplified in 1968. The diagonal line was removed and the inner ends of two arched were shortened, which made them look more lượt thích a letter “M”. As for the color palette, it now featured yellow for the emblem & black for the wordmark, which was placed over the “M” on its lower part.

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The typeface of the nameplate was also slightly refined, making the letters more solid and visible.

This biệu tượng công ty is still in use today on come of the products và international restaurants of the company.

1975 – Today


The new look was brought to lớn the visual identity in 1975. The emblem with the wordmark was placed inside a red rectangle with rounded angles. The lettering was switched from đen to white, which looked friendlier and more welcoming.

This insignia is probably the most recognizable version of all the fast-food legend logos và is still used by the company, being instantly recognizable across the globe và evoking a sense of joy, happiness, và passion.

1993 – 2010


The version of 1993 featured a simple yellow “M” with a đen shadow, no lettering or framing, just a minimalist emblem, which was first used only in the United States, but later became international và stayed with the company for almost twenty years.

2003 – Today


The same minimalist approach was followed at the beginning of the 2000s when another version of the biểu tượng logo was designed. The flat yellow “M” was placed inside a red square with rounded angles.

It wasn’t used much in the beginning but was slightly modified in 2018 và the brand started khổng lồ use it extensively. Along with two other versions.

2006 – Today


In 2006 the flat yellow design was created for the brand. The most minimalist amongst all the versions, today it is widely used by the company for both domestic và international markets. A clean & neat “M”, composed of two arches, is executed in yellow và placed on white. No outline, no lettering, nothing. It looks modern and stylish, reflecting the company’s heritage and making people all over the globe smile and think of happy moments.

2018 – Today

The 2018 thiết kế is the same yellow emblem they used for a long time, but placed inside a red square with rounded corners.



The current McDonalds logo sản phẩm features a customized sans-serif font. You won’t see a single capitalized letter, even “I” is given in the lower case.




The emblem exists in the two màu sắc schemes: black & yellow/red. The yellow/red one is used whenever a colorful representation is possible, while the đen one is used in black-and-white visual contexts.