Life is a story, make yours the best seller: blank lined


Life is indeed unpredictable. We never know what lies ahead, we never know when will be our life be taken away from us.

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But certainly being human, we are destined khổng lồ leave this material world. No one will ever live forever as our body toàn thân is designed to age & eventually be unable to live a life considerably.

When we aged our toàn thân will no longer be able khổng lồ function perfectly until such time that the different organs in our system will degenerate và will cause malfunctions.

This will happen because our toàn thân will no longer be strong enough lớn fight infections, I mean our immune system wouldn’t be that strong khổng lồ protect us when we are old. So we get sick & eventually will die.

But these things are normal. I mean that’s how life is supposed to be, we are born, grow and grow older & then become weak và die. The cycle seems to be simple as that but still, life is so mysterious.

We even think life is unfair sometimes. Things happened that can draw a lot of questions in our minds. Questions that seem khổng lồ remain unanswered.

Just very recently, my whole family & the whole clan was traumatized by the news that my first cousin passed away. He was my Kuya Boyet, 26 years old son of my uncle, the older brother of my dad.

Things were so well with him until that day when his life was taken away from him. He was a jolly và very supportive Kuya of his 4 other siblings, & a loving dad of his 3-year-old son.

When my grandma died, its lượt thích I wasn’t that surprised anymore since she was already 75 and weak that time & had been hospitalized many times.

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But my cousin’s case is different. He was well and sound days before & then suddenly he meets an accident that instantly claimed his life.

We were so sad loosing such a good person & as young as 26 is not easy. Here comes the question, questions in our minds that are left unanswered.

We believe that there’s a reason for everything, but when you are into such a depressed situation you can hardly understand and accept that indeed things happen for a reason.

The saddest part is that we cannot tell his mom who was rushed lớn the hospital because her BP rose up upon knowing about the accident. She was only informed that her son meets an accident và presently under ICU.

My cousin’s mother was confined in the hospital & not until about 3 days when her BP already subside a bit when she was told (unintentionally, because we’re afraid) about what happened.I see the agony, I felt the pain, but who am I khổng lồ not conform to what the creator allowed to lớn happen?

With these circumstances in life, I realized that when the right time for us lớn leave this world, things will really happen when least expected. Life is full of uncertainties & human, as we are, doesn’t have the capacity to lớn fathom, those are happenings that are beyond our ability khổng lồ control as humans.

This photo was taken during his burial 4 days ago.


Our happy và memorable moments together with our other cousins.


This is where my cousin bumped his motorcycle that caused him khổng lồ die of internal hemorrhage.


The innocent little boy my cousin left, not knowing that his “daddyo” as he calls his father will be gone forever. He only thought that his dad went out to work and didn’t come back yet. His innocence really moved us và felt pity for this little boy.