Best 1/2 size guitar: top picks and how to find the right one

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Are you looking khổng lồ introduce your young child to the world of music? If your child is too small khổng lồ hold a full-size guitar, you may be looking into purchasing a một nửa size guitar. A half-size guitar is a great option to lớn go with if your child is too small to lớn hold on to lớn a full-sized instrument. Not only are they easier khổng lồ handle, but they’re also easy lớn carry around because of their size.

Giving your child a 50% guitar for them khổng lồ learn how to play on has a large list of benefits, especially between ages 5 and 8. There are many different chất lượng levels that a half-size instrument can come in. Purchasing a half-size guitar for your child will ensure that your child doesn’t get frustrated attempting lớn hold an instrument that’s too big for them, as most 50% guitars are only 34 inches in length.

With all of the different models on the market, it’s important that you purchase a half form size guitar that’s able to lớn hold the tuning of strings and is durable enough for your small child lớn tote around.

That’s why today, we’ve created this complete guide lớn get a better understanding of the best half-size guitars on the market và how to go about purchasing one.


Best OverallCordoba Mini II MCheck latest price
Best ElectricIbanez MikroCheck latest price
Best for BeginnersYamaha CGS102ACheck latest price
Most AffordableHohner HAG250PCheck latest price

Why should your child play a 50% guitar?

A 1/2 guitar is essentially half the kích thước of a regular-sized guitar. There are many reasons why you may want khổng lồ consider investing in a 1/2 size guitar. The majority of 1 2 guitar sizes are 34 inches and great for young children that are just looking to start out playing guitar.

Half-size guitars are great for small children because of the child’s smaller hand size. An electric guitar would be too large for some form size children to lớn play, so a smaller size is much more manageable. This is because the neck 50% size guitars are a lot smaller và what you would find on a normal guitar.


As a result, it’ll make it much easier for your child to learn how to play chords. On a regular size guitar, the kích cỡ of the neck will much too large for your child’s small hands khổng lồ completely grip the neck.

If you’re somebody who has small hands and struggles with playing guitar, you may also want to consider picking up a half kích cỡ guitar. The kích cỡ of the instrument will be much easier for you to lớn handle.

Once your child begins to lớn grow and better understand the basics that come with playing guitar. This makes it easier for them to lớn transition to lớn playing a full-sized instrument.

What are the best một nửa size guitars?

There are many different types of 1/2 size guitars on the market. Many Brands will produce poor quality guitars that are very cheap come on around the holidays but aren’t worth what you’re paying.

That’s why it’s important for you lớn carefully vày your research lớn get an understanding of what instruments are worth your money.

We’re here khổng lồ break down the top half form size electric guitars and acoustic guitars.

Best 50% size acoustic guitars

Houses acoustic guitars are a great option for kids that are interested in learning how lớn play acoustic guitar. Acoustic guitars are a comfortable option to lớn go with even if you aren’t sure if your child is interested in learning how to play acoustic or electric.

Many musicians find it easier to learn how khổng lồ play acoustic and then move on to electric.

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Cordoba Mini II MH

This half-size guitar is a great option to lớn go with if you’re looking to lớn introduce your child to lớn nylon strings. Nylon strings are comfortable và easy for beginning musicians to play và learn on.


The Cordoba Mini II MHBody has a satin polyurethane finish, which provides a sleek và attractive look. You’ll find that there is layered mahogany on the sides, back, and top of the guitar. The use of mahogany provides this small instrument with a boosted tone.

Beginning musicians will find that the neck on this half-size guitar has a c profile, which means that it’s both comfortable và easy for small hands khổng lồ begin playing the strings.

If you’re an experienced musician, you’ll notice that there is a warm và full tone that the guitar produces. The action is also great for pulling it right out of the box, so you shouldn’t have to lớn worry about fiddling with it if you’re looking lớn pull it out và play.

Yamaha ½ kích cỡ Classical Guitar

With this Yamaha half-size guitar, you’ll notice the timeless & classic appearance of this instrument. One thing is how many half-size guitar struggles vì is stay and inconsistent tuning.


However, this isn’t a problem with this guitar. Also, because of the form size of it, it’s easily playable for many beginners. You’ll find that there are nylon strings already pre-installed on his guitar.

The biggest downside of this classical guitar that it doesn’t come with a case. Also, there isn’t an option for you to lớn install a toàn thân strap.

Considering the price, this instrument does a great job of providing the basic requirements that most parents are looking for out of a half size guitar for the child. There’s a lot of potentials for new musicians to lớn grow fall learning this instrument.


Hohner HAG250P Classical

If you’re really unsure if your child will enjoy playing an acoustic guitar, you’re probably less likely lớn invest a pretty penny into an instrument.


However, you shouldn’t Venture into purchasing a toy guitar, as if the poor unique that goes into producing me toy instrument can discourage your child from learning how to play in the future.

This acoustic guitar is the perfect balance between an actual một nửa size acoustic guitar & a toy. It is the cheapest option that you can find on the market.

You’ll find that this has a Dreadnought acoustic appearance và comes with an Agathis body. Also, there’s a hardwood fretboard và mahogany neck.

With a 19 inch scale, the entirety of this acoustic guitar weighs less than 5 lb.