Bánh khọt recipe

Bánh Khọt is Vietnam’s BEST answer khổng lồ mini savory pancakes! They’re light and delicate with a seriously crispy golden batter that you can hear as you bite. Enjoy them wrapped in fresh herbs và salad for an authentic experience that’ll take your straight to lớn the food scene of Vietnam!


The best dish for family time

‘Crispy’ isn’t usually the first word I think of when it comes to lớn pancakes. But for a certain population of Vietnamese people, mini savory pancakes are THE type to lớn enjoy any time of the day.

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Also known in Vietnamese as Bánh Khọt, these bite-sized morsels are fantastic when made at home. Not only can you load them up with as much of your favorite toppings as you can fit, but they will come out shatteringly light & crunchy.

They’re the perfect addition lớn a ‘Wrap và Roll’ các buổi party where the family gathers around lớn wrap fresh salad & rice paper with all the best ingredients.

It’s with these types of food experiences that brings family together and makes the best memories!


Crispy or soft?

It wasn’t until I was about 10 years old that I realised there was more than one style of Bánh Khọt.

I grew up eating Grandma’s version, which was soft và almost gooey in the center. The outside was cooked just long enough lớn keep the mini pancake in tact, but not enough lớn make it truly crisp up.

This version is slightly richer and uses coconut cream for the filling. It’s also cooked with MUCH less oil than the other style. In fact, it only uses enough oil lớn prevent the batter from sticking.

The other way of making Bánh Khọt is something I discovered when my family had it at a small local Vietnamese restaurant. It was still served with fresh herbs và a classic dipping sauce, but these were incredibly crispy và light, as if you were eating bite-sized Bánh Xèo.

It had clearly been fried in lots of oil for that delicious crunch, then drizzled with a coconut milk sauce, and instantly became my favorite style of eating this dish!


My family prefers the simple shrimp và coconut cream toppings, but there are many ways you can change it up. Top it with your favorites or mix & match to enjoy them all!

Squid. Cut these into smaller pieces and marinate to lớn preference, then cook them the same way you would the prawns.Quail eggs. These are small enough khổng lồ fit perfectly in the center of the mini savory pancakes. Just crack ’em right in!Mung beans. Keep these dry as they will cook when you put the lid on.Dried shrimp floss. Use a food processor to lớn blitz the shrimp until fine, then cook it over low heat with oil and seasoning until lightly dry.

All the options are lip-smackingly delicious, so just let your taste buds decide!


Why this recipe works

Using soda water or beer keeps the batter light and airy when fried.Blending rice and coconut cream gives the savory pancakes a deliciously crispy texture.The prawns are marinated so you have savory flavors inside and out.

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What you’ll need

For the batter

About the ingredients

We buy our premix from the local Asian supermarket. If you can’t get your hands on one, you can try making this YouTube version from Helen’s Recipes.

The beer can be substituted for soda water instead so that you still get the crispiness from the fizz.

For the shrimp

About the prawns

Bánh Khọt is traditionally made with school prawns with the shell on. Our version uses larger ones without the shell, but you can choose your style based on personal preference.

For the coconut milk

About the liquid

Coconut milk will give a lighter flavor when drizzled as a sauce, but if you like it richer then coconut cream would work just as well.

How to lớn make this recipe


Marinate the prawns with the garlic, spring onion heads, chicken bouillon powder, salt, fish sauce và pepper for a minimum of trăng tròn minutes.


Blend the rice & coconut milk in a blender until it has become a puree.


Mix the Bánh Khọt flour phối with the water, coconut milk và rice blend, soda water or beer, cooking oil and salt until well combined.


Use a sieve lớn strain the mixture into a bowl and remove any lumps.


Set up your Bánh Khọt pan on high heat. When hot, pour 3 tbsp oil in each hole. It’s a lot of oil, but that will help it get extra crispy.

Pour about 4 tbsp batter in each hole or until ba phần tư full, then địa chỉ cửa hàng a prawn in the center.

Note: If you prefer the softer version, use a brush or paper towel lớn coat the holes with just enough oil khổng lồ prevent any sticking.


Put a lid over the top and let it fry for 5 minutes or until the prawn is cooked.


Take the mini savory pancakes out when they have become crispy on the edges & place on a plate lined with paper towels.

If you’re making the soft version, take them out when the center has just cooked so it stays lightly gooey in the middle.


In a small saucepan, heat up the coconut milk và stir in the salt & tapioca starch until it has slightly thickened.

Pour it in each of the pancakes và serve fresh with Vietnamese herbs, lettuce, spring onion oil, pickled carrots & daikon & a dipping sauce!